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Clemco 60 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines

Unbeatable for production, strength and safety

Clemco makes Bulk Blast Machines that outperform every competitive unit on the market. Clemco’s extensive inventory of manual, automatic and remote controls allow flexible configurations to match large scale production needs exactly. A built in Pop-Up valve for quickly loading abrasive and an optional operator controlled Abrasive Cut-off Switch operated at the blast nozzle are a boost to production rates, drastically cutting back on down time.

60 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines

Available in Stationary, Yard Towable or Highway Towable. (3 ton cap., 48" dia.)

Clemco Big Clem multi-outlet, bulk abrasive blast machines are rugged, reliable, and efficient.

Designed for large jobs, where multiple blast operators are needed, the Big Clem offers the convenience of a large supply of abrasive, loaded at one time, ensuring more blast on time, and saving the time and labor of refilling smaller machines.

Big Clems are available in three standard sizes: 60, 120, and 160 cubic feet abrasive capacity and, depending upon the model, for up to four blast operators. Units are rated 150 psi working pressure. Each model is available as stationary, yard towable, or highway towable to suit the application.

Each operator station is fitted with Auto-Quantum (pneumatic or electric) pressure-hold remote controls, which allow each operator to start and stop independent of the others. The Quantum is an all-media valve, making it possible to switch between expendable mineral or slag abrasives to steel grit as necessary. Pneumatic remote controls are best when the blast hose is 100 feet or shorter; beyond 100 feet electric remotes are recommended to minimize the response time at the nozzle for beginning or stopping blasting.

Standard Features:

• 150 psi working pressure; 1-1/4” piping.

• 2 outlets, pneumatic pressure-hold remote controls.

• Abrasive cut-off feature on the remote controls allows work surface blow-off.

• Fail-to-safe, normally-closed, all-media Auto-Quantum abrasive metering valve that is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.

• Flexible pusher lines and ball valves simplify air valve and metering valve maintenance.

• Union-type media shut-off valves allow servicing individual metering valves leaving others operational. Generous clearance below vessel provides accessibility for valve maintenance.

• Automatic pop-up filling valve, with debris screen, and swing-open rain cap—the safest option on the market—eliminates the potential for injury possible on units with camlock closures.

• Large 12-inch x 16-inch man-way permits access to pressure vessel chamber for maintenance service.

• Ladder allows easy access to pop-up valve for machine filling.

• Vertically-adjustable bolt on hitch.

• Hose support bracket allows storing blast hose.

• Heavy-duty lifting eyes mounted on the vessel ease transport.

• Large, built-in 1600 CFM moisture separator/manifold helps to reduce moisture, a naturally-occurring by-product of compressed air. Supports up to four No. 8 nozzles.

• Three standard configurations:
   - Stationary models; for fixed installation are ideal for industrial applications.
   - Yard-towable models; offer increased flexibility for moving the unit on site; and
   - Highway-towable models; are the most versa- tile offering the convenience of towing the machine to the job site.



• 1-1/2” piping; suggested for No. 8 nozzles.

• Electric remote option includes weather-proof control panel and anti-freeze injector capability.

• Additional outlets are optional; up to four on 120 and 160 cuft models.

• Optional 160 cuft off-shore model.

• Super-sack abrasive loading rack.