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Coal Slag

Black Magic® Coal Slag      20 ⁄ 40, 40 ⁄ 60

Hard angular particles • Consistent weight and size • used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting; removal of paint and rust; structured steel, mill scale and aggregate exposure.

Available in 50 lb bags and 3000 lb super sacks.

Copper Slag

Sharpshot® Copper Slag      20 ⁄ 50, 30 / 60, 40 / 120

Copper slag is a hard, cubical, and aggressive sandblasting media. Suitable for blast cleaning of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint, dirt etc.

Available in 50 lb bags,  and 3000 lb super sacks.

Nickel Slag

Green Diamond Nickel Slag      20 ⁄ 50, 30 / 60, 40 / 120

Contain no free silica, eliminating the risk of silicosis. Approved to be environmentally safe. Moisture free - will not pack or absorb moisture. Faster cutting due to its durability and sharp angular edges. Leaves surfaces clean.
Available in many sizes and custom blends to be used in numerous applications from the removal of tough permanent bonds, to a lower profile for removing light paint and rust.

Available in 50 lb bags and 3000 lb super sacks.


TriVitro® Crushed Glass      30 ⁄ 50

Crushed recycled glass for surface preparation, rust and paint removal, abrasive cleaning, or any process normally done by sandblasting.

Available in 50 lb bags.

Swarco® Glass Beads      70 ⁄ 100, 100 ⁄ 170

BT-8 Primarily for Blast Cabinet Use. Formulated of chemically inert soda-lime glass to produce a clean surface for parts and equipment. Glass beads are spheres of uniform size and hardness.

Available in 50 lb bags.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide      220, 180, 150, 80, 60, 36, 16

Aluminum Oxide is the abrasive of choice when an application is sensitive to rusting caused by ferric contamination and requires an extremely aggressive and hard abrasive. Aluminum Oxide is frequently used for stainless blasting, internal pipe blasting, automotive brake pad steel fabrication, precision aviation and turbine manufacturing, and the cleaning of non-ferrous castings. Open air or cabinet use.      Available in 50 lb bags.

Steel Shot

Steel Shot      S-330, S170, S-110, LG-80, LG-50, LG-25

Steel Shot is used for descaling, coating, corrosion and sand removal. The spherical shape minimizes wear when used in centrifugal wheel blast equipment. Steel Shot produces a dimpled surface finish.

Available in 50 lb bags and Drums


StarBlastTM      70 ⁄ 140

Starblast™ blasting abrasives are a loose blend of uniformly sized coarse and fine staurolite sands that have clean, rounded surfaces. Used in steel fabrication and bridge maintenance to remove rust, mill scale, and weathered coatings.

Available in 50 lb bags, 60 lb bags and 3000 lb super sacks


Garnet      8 ⁄ 12, 16, 30 ⁄ 40, 36, 60 ⁄ 80

Garnet is a cost effective, environmentally and operator friendly, alternative to silica sands and mineral slags. Garnet particles are dense, hard and sharp. The low friability of garnet permits recycling up to 8 times. Cleaning, descaling and surface preparation of structural steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass. Also used for water filtration.

Available in 50 lb bags.

Corn Cob

Grit-O'-Cob      20 ⁄ 40

The corncob grit comes from the hard woody ring which has mild abrasive properties, while the pith and chaff have highly absorbent qualities. Less aggressive than sandblasting or power washing, no silica content. Spent material can be used as absorbent. Works well with standard sandblasting equipment Virtually dust-free.

Available in 40 lb bags.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide      120

Silicon carbide is the hardest blasting media available and is manufactured to a blocky grain shape that splinters. The resulting \abrasives have sharp edges for blasting. Has a very fast cutting speed and can be recycled and reused many times. Can be used efficiently for glass engraving and stone etching.

Available in 50 lb bags.

Silica Sand

Silica Sand      20, 30

Used ONLY for water filtration and coatings (NOT AVAILABLE FOR SAND BLASTING)

Available in 100 lb bags.