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Our Used Pressure Washers go through a comprehensive 25-Point Inspection before they are added here.

We have everything from used Hotsy pressure washers, Landa and Karcher pressure washers, to used sandblasters and parts washers. Check back often to see what we have available.

$ 2,100.00

Used Hotsy 550D Portable Pressure Washer | Electric Powered / Diesel Oil Heated




  • Pump Volume At Pump Head: 2.2 GPM/132 GPH
  • Pump Pressure At Pump Head: 1000 PSI
  • Burner Type: Fuel Oil Fired, 197,000 BTU/Hr
  • Burner Fuel Pressure: 110 PSI
  • Machine Voltage: 115VAC/60Hz/1Ph
  • Total Machine Amperage: 20 Amps
  • Machine Weight: 270 Lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 305 Lbs.
  • Exhaust Stack Size: 8”
  • Machine Dimensions: Length = 44”, Width = 26”, Height = 38”


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Used Landa MHC4-35324E | Gasoline Powered / Diesel/Oil Heated

The MHC is the most rugged, gasoline-powered, hot water, on-site cleaning machine on wheels featuring a blend of quality, safety, serviceability, and extra stability. There are six models to chose from: three models feature an electric start and three utilize Landa's proprietary Super Duty Regulator (SDR) which allows the machine to operate completely without a battery or megneto system.

From the heavy-duty Landa pump and energy efficient 12 volt burner to the single-piece welded steel and legendary Landa heating coil, the MHC is built to last.


Hours - 103.1

GPM - 3.5

PSI - 3500

Pump RPM - 3400

Heavy Duty Honda GX Engine

Direct Drive Landa Pump

Sch. 80 Heating Coil

$ 7,500.00

Used Landa SLT8-30324E | Gasoline Powered / Diesel/Oil Heated

The SLX is heated by a high-efficiency Landa Surefire or Beckett burner with adjustable numbered dial-in air flow. The 3/4" heating coil is amazingly efficient due to its unique “breathing” design so it heats quieter while promoting optimum heat exchange. The SLX has a remarkably compact footprint, is certified to UL-1776 safety standards, is pre-plumbed for drawing water from an auxiliary tank, has six forklift guides for portability and the control panel is ideally positioned for curb access when the unit is mounted on a trailer or truck bed.



Hours - 802

GPM - 7.8

PSI - 3000

Pump RPM - 1470

Heavy Duty Honda GX Engine

Belt Drive Landa Pump

Sch. 80 Heating Coil

$ 4,000.00

Used Landa VHG4-30021B | Electric Powered / Natural/LP Gas Heated

The VHG, with its fuel-efficient burner and vertical hot water coil, is the most compact natural gas hot water pressure washer on the market today yet is packed with Landa quality. The VHG is only 24-inches wide, 53-inches long and stands 49?inches high, an amazingly small footprint for all of the features and quality it possesses.
The VHG boasts many of the industrial-grade components and safety features that have set apart Landa pressure washers as the most dependable and safe in the industry. For instance, the VHG burner comes with standard electronic ignition on all models. The heat is retained in Landa’s carefully crafted heating coils made of leak-free, cold rolled, half-inch, Schedule 80 steel pipe.



GPM - 3.9

PSI - 3000

Pump RPM - 775

Motor HP - 8.2

Belt Drive Pump

Electrical V/Ph/Amp - 230/3/25

Approx BTU - 400,000
$ 2,800.00

Used Steam Jenny E-3000-C | Electric Powered / Electric Heated

Jenny All-Electric Combination Steam Cleaners & Cold/ Hot Pressure Washers are designed and manufactured to be both convenient and environmentally friendly. These industrial grade cleaning machines are packed full of standard features and are the most effective way to remove dirt, grease, or grime. You can steam clean or pressure wash all types of surfaces quickly and thoroughly. And since these energy efficient Jenny models use electricity for both power and heat - there are no objectionable flames, fumes, smoke or fossil fuel emissions. This is a big benefit when working in sanitary and confined areas.

Jenny also offers a unique electrical heating system wherein water is progressively heated as it passes over resistance elements wound within steel coils. Full operating temperatures of 325† F for steam cleaning and 200†F for hot pressure washing are reached in 90 seconds. The heat is continuous, so there are no large temperature fluctuations once the desired temperature is reached.

And since these are Jenny Combination Cleaners, you get 3 cleaners in 1. As easy as turning a switch, the machine can go from a cold pressure washer to hot pressure washer. Change the tip in the gun and turn the machine selector switch and the machine becomes a 325†F heavy duty steam cleaner.



Pressure Wash - GPM - 4 • PSI - 3000 • Temp - 200O F
Steam Cleaner - GPH - 90 • PSI - 100/200 • Temp - 325
Motor HP - 7.5 • 460v, 60 Htz, 3 Phase, 99 Amp

$ 1,200.00

Whitco Stinger 1 | Electric Powered / Diesel Heated

3.0 GPM Operating Pressure: 650 PSI Motor/Voltage/Amperage: 1.5HP/115V/15 Amps 1725 RPM/1PH Pump Style: Duplex-Oil Bath Pump Drive: Belt Burner Motor: 1/5HP/115V/3450RPM Burner Type: Fuel Oil-Forced Air Fuel Type: Kerosene, #1, #2 Diesel BTU Input: 260,000 Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 Gal. with Gauge Heating Coil: 135'x7/8" OD Sch 80 Pipe High Temp. Cut-Off: 225° High Limit Switch Safety Relief Valve: Standard Low Water Burner Protection (Trigger Control Models): Standard Ground Fault Protection (GFCI): Standard 36' Cord Discharge Hose: 3/8x50' Wire Braid Float Tank: 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Soap Control: 1/4" Metering Valve Carriage: Port-10" Pneumatic Tires Dimensions (LxWxH): 65" x 36" x 44" Shipping Weight: 575 lbs



GPM - 3.0 • PSI - 650 • Approx BTU - 420,000
Motor HP - 1.5 Electrical V/Ph/Amp - 115/1/15
10” Pneumatic Tires

$ 2,700.00

Used Landa HOT4-20024A | Electric Powered / Diesel Heated

The HOT is the most economical choice of Landa’s electric-powered, diesel-heated hot water pressure washers featuring a heat-efficient horizontal coil. Included in the series is a true steam cleaner or steamer, the HOT3-30036D, which produces extra-hot steam at up to 310° F.



GPM - 3.5 • PSI - 2000 • 1350 RPM • Belt Drive Pump
Motor HP - 5 • Electrical V/Ph/Amp - 230/1/25
10” Pneumatic Tires